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  6. Wanted: Creative Coordinator

    Creative Coordinator - Minneapolis Farmers Market

    Part-time, 15 to 20 hours a week, work-at-home (weekends on-site from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.)

    The Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association (CMVGA) is looking for a digital marketer who possesses the skills to keep the market’s online presence fresh during the rapid seasonal changes of Minnesota growing months. This individual must understand the WordPress platform, be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite programs, have a basic understanding of Google Analytics and pulling reports, have experience promoting brands within social spaces and have a thorough understanding of print design, photography and audio/video recording.

    The person will work with the Communicators Director and Community Manager and reports to the CMVGA board.

    Functional Areas of Responsibility

    1. Send out an e-newsletter using MailChimp once a week to promote upcoming events and seasonal changes to subscriber list. Report on successful content and use data to improve campaign structures and success metrics.

    2. Write radio commercials and send radio scripts to stations for production.   

    3. Record on-site videos of vendors or produce features. Edit them and post to YouTube.

    4. Photograph the seasonal changes at the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market. Edit photos and post to Facebook. Manage the photographic library and respond to any press requests for photographs.

    5. Post content to website using WordPress. This may include updating recipes before Market Talk events, writing copy for vendor profiles, updating contact information on vendor list, changing the in-season product list, etc. This also requires website headers to be updated using recently shot photographs to depict what is currently available.

    6. Design all print advertising materials for various magazines, update the market brochure design (when needed) and create web banner creative.  

    7. Respond to website contact form inquiries (or forward to appropriate person) within 24-hours.

    8. Monitor Google Analytics and pull reports for board to review at board meetings.

    9. Produce the podcast. This means recording show on-site (when needed), and ensuring audio files are uploaded to web server and embedded into a post describing what the show is about.

    10. Be responsible for ensuring the WordPress platform’s release stays current along with updating any plugins and backing up web files.

    11. Maintain social and web strategy by completing onsite requirement. i.e. Setting out the product of the week flags for shoppers to scan the QR code for recipes to appear on their phones.

    High Level Goals and Responsibilities

    • Ensure an overall cohesive tone between print media, banner ads, radio copy and web content.

    • Unify the Market’s brand by creating content that falls in line with our brand standards document.

    • Work with team to utilize marketing channels to work together to promote online/on-site promotions and/or events.

    Send resume & cover letter to: sandy@mplsfarmersmarket.com

  7. 2014 Bag Design Contest

    Grand prize: $1000 scholarship!

  8. All about tea

    Here is one friend of the market, Robin Asbell, talking about another friend of the market, Mindy Kelly of Mrs. Kelly’s Tea.  we love when that happens.

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