1. Fresh & Local Podcast: Warren Anderson - Fall Gardening
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  3. Trout Caviar: Volunteers

    In the garden, squash are the most reliable volunteers

  4. Fresh & Local Podcast - Jerry Untiedt: Sweet Corn King
  5. Landon Schoenefeld named Master of the Market
  6. Meet our Chef Challenge Judges

    imageLee Dean is Taste Editor of the Star Tribune. This will be her third year judging our Chef Challenge.

    imageStephanie Meyer, food writer for Minnesota Monthly, just completed her first cookbook, Twin Cities Chef’s Table. 

    imageLynne Rosetto Kasper is host of The Splendid Table on public radio.

    imageRaghavan Iyer is the best-known champion of Indian cooking in the United States.

  7. Measuring food trends: The Fried Calamari Index
  8. COUNTRY Chef Challenge Competitior: Drew Yancey


    At 28, Drew Yancey is already an experienced chef with 14 years of practical experience. At Borough, he appreciates being able to lead a collaborative kitchen team that is dedicated to creating food that tastes and looks great using classic and modern techniques.

    Yancey was born and raised in Southern Minnesota; not, he points out, around refined food, more like burgers on the grill, spaghetti (sauce from a jar), roasts of meat in the crockpot with vegetables.

    Yancey started his career at Quizno’s where he took every opportunity to learn and experience every aspect of a working kitchen. He also cooked and delivered pizzas, and before graduating from High School, he was appointed kitchen manager for a large sports bar in White Bear Lake. With all of his practical experience, it is not surprising that after enrolling in the Culinary Program at Le Cordon Bleu, he graduated with honors.

    After graduation, Yancey worked at the original Roy’s in Honolulu, Hawaii and began to develop his palate through travel and through working under other talented chefs. He worked with Vincent Francoaul at Vincent where he met Rolle and was trained to replace him as Sous Chef when Rolle was promoted. He worked with Jack Riebel at the Dakota Jazz Club and spent over a two and a half with Isaac Becker at 112 Eatery. He was Sous Chef for the Burch opening.

    Now running the kitchen at Borough, Yanceys cooking is winning award after award.  It’s no wonder.  Yancey says, “My love for food has become a story and a collaborative mix of what I have learned from so many talented chefs, while staying true to myself with bits of their influences on each plate I create.”

    In his spare time, Yancey enjoys getting out to dine at local restaurants to support other chefs and continues to develop his palate. In his own words, “I look forward to many more years in this industry, creating memories for guests, inspiring cooks around me, while learning from them and supporting them. Oh, and occasionally I like to go fishing or throwing a game of disk golf.”image

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  10. How Climate Change Affects Farmers & Food

    In this week’s Fresh&Local Podcast, Minneapolis Farmers Market grower, Lundi Vang, describes how increased severe weather affects small growers.  He sent this picture and added this:

    "Now that the water is receding you can really see the damage this season rains have done to this area..what your looking at is about 2 acres..if this was on one of our plots..that would be almost 50%..which is typical of most farmers up north and down south who had lowland or poor drainage land…that’s why you didn’t see some annual members until 2 or 3 weeks ago when we first had our conversation on this issue. 

    I have a better illustration of crop damage on one of our plots which can serve as the example of a what a flooded or low point area where their is standing water effects tomatoes and peppers which is most farmers primary cash crops during this peak of the season. Without tomatoes or peppers many farmers will suffer financial difficulties for the rest of this season that’s why I stress this point because without customers of the farmers market understanding the situation instead of taking advantage of the situation will result in supply vs demand curve that will definitely affect everyone at the market.”

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